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This is not the same old magazine. Compasses is the opportunity for architects, interior designers or just for followers to keep in touch with the most up-to-date ideas, innovations and new trends within urban planning, architecture and design. Our scientific committee members select papers, reflections and in-depth detailed articles which will then form each magazine number with a monographic slant. Every Compasses issue has a central topic, summed up in a key word, with each article revolving around it. Compasses thus comes out as a definitely actual and seducing object, while also being a volume to be collected, a place rich of high quality contents in which one can dialogue and compare himself in a worldwide context.

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Projects from around the world


This section proposes, in the first 24 pages, reflections and ideas concerning the main topic of the issue based on a critical and historical approach

Architecture & Plan

A total of 8-10 designs, both architectural and urban scale, of reputable international architects are presented with pictures, renderings, sketches, graphs, comments

Materials & Interiors

The interiors section is devoted to interior design, new materials, new forms of design.

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