Your kitchen?
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This month we have decided to give you our special C Plus issue, wholly dedicated to the place in your home where you are living the most: the kitchen.

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Discover the warmth in the kitchen

In these weeks, in which we are forced to spend most of the time in our home because of the Covid-19 emergency, the kitchen seems to have reclaimed its central role and its protective dimension as domestic hearth, and as a space for sharing. As such, we have decided to give to our readers the ability to download the special issue, Compasses Plus, dedicated to the kitchen. By retracing the history of the kitchen, analysing the factors that shaped its many evolutions over the course of the 20th century, as well as presenting some very special designs, we want to give you a moment to discover the importance of home and its function, but leaving space for imagination.
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In the issue you will also find

A tribute to the great

Vittorio Gregotti

An homage to a great figure in Italian architecture

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